A modern and intuitive HTTP debugging proxy

Proxyman is a high-performance macOS app, which enables developers to view HTTP/HTTPS requests from apps and domains.

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Requires macOS 10.11+. Github, Changelog

Proxyman dashboard - HTTP Web debugging on macOS

Native, High-Performance, Distraction-Free

Proxyman is a handy tool for developers to view HTTP/HTTPS requests and debug quickly without any distractions.

Proxyman built native on macOS

Exclusively built for macOS

Proxyman is dedicatedly built as a native app.
By strictly following the macOS Human Interface Guideline at every bit, Proxyman is intuitive and friendly for all users.

Proxyman Sophisticated proxy core

Sophisticated proxy core

Proxyman is entirely written in Swift, C++ and designed to run uninterruptedly at high performance with minimum system resource consumption.

Proxyman optimizes RAM usage, battery life while maintaining the stability of your internet connection.

Proxyman Categorize like Finder

Categorize like Finder

Organize your workflow by drag, drop and pin specific apps or domains. All other irrelevant ones will be completely ignored.

Proxyman will boost your productivity by reducing distraction.

Proxyman SSL Proxying on macOS iOS and Android

SSL Proxying

Proxyman can be used as a man-in-the-middle that logs all HTTP/HTTPS traffic between your applications and SSL Web Server.

Proxyman will dynamically generate certificates on-the-fly, which enables developers to see HTTPS in plain text.

Proxyman is also integrated with iOS simulators and iOS devices.

Proxyman debugging tool built-in

Comprehensive debug tools

Built-in tools include Compose, Repeat, Export.

Proxyman makes it much easier to catch, replicate bugs and share your work to teammates quickly.

What people say about Proxyman


  • What is the meaning behind the name of Proxyman?

    It's just the combination of Proxy + middleMan = Proxyman 🌟

  • Is Proxyman capable of viewing encrypted HTTPS requests/responses?

    Yes. Proxyman is definitely able to view the HTTPS contents as long as you install Proxyman Certificate appropriately.

    You can find the instruction in Proxyman app -> Certificate menu -> Install Proxyman Certificate on this Mac.

  • Where is sensitive data going?

    All your sensitive request/response data won't be sent anywhere. What is in your machine is in your machine.

    Proxyman only collects general diagnostics and crash logs to AppCenter. All diagnostics data is collected anonymously, no personal information and cannot be used to identify you.

    You can opt-out in Preferences -> Privacy Tab.

  • Does Proxyman support remote devices and simulators?

    Yes, Proxyman currently supports iOS remote devices and iOS simulator. We're aiming to support Android worlds in next couple versions.

    Start debugging with your iOS remote device (iPhone/iPad) or iOS Simulator by following the instruction at Certificate Menu -> Install Certificate for ...

  • Is there any way to limit HTTPS proxy for specific app or domain?

    Limited specific apps/domains are the selling-point of Proxyman. You can concentrate on a particular app/domain by Search it and pin it. Categorize your workplace like Finder.

    All other irrelevant will be ignored.

  • How do I report the bug?

    We appreciate your effort to report the bug if you find.

    Please open the Issue ticket on Proxyman's Github. We will answer asap.

  • How can I contact the team?

    You can find us at Twitter, Github, Gitter or send me 💌 at nghia@proxyman.io

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Requires macOS 10.11+. Github, Changelog