Modern Web Debugging Proxy

Proxyman is a native, high-performance macOS application with powerful debugging features that enables developers to capture, inspect, and manipulate HTTP(s) requests/responses.

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Fully Support Apple Silicon Chip and macOS Big Sur.

Requires macOS 10.12+. Github, Changelog

Proxyman dashboard - HTTP Web debugging on macOS

Intuitive & Thoughtful GUI

Proxyman strictly follow the macOS Human Interface Guideline and is thoroughly designed to make your tasks simple and intuitive.

Proxyman built native on macOS

Powerful & Reliable Debugging Tools

Quickly dive into the network level to diagnose and fix problems with Proxyman debugging features.

Proxyman built native on macOS

SSL Proxying

See traffic between your web browser/client and the server

Proxyman acts as a man-in-the-middle that logs the traffic between your applications and SSL Web Server.

It requires no complicated configuration and you can see your HTTP(s) requests/responses in plain text with just one-click.

Proxying on iOS/Android Device/Simulator

See traffic between your mobile devices and the server

Proxyman allows proxying on both iOS or Android devices or simulators and emulators with a few clicks.

We provide a detailed guidance on how to capture HTTP(s) traffic which you can simply follow and leave all complicated steps for Proxyman.

Proxyman SSL Proxying on macOS iOS and Android
Proxyman debugging tool built-in

Map Local Tool

Test your application's behavior with various responses

Map Local Tool enables you to use the content of local files as a response from your requests, as soon as they are matched with your rules.

Map Local Tool could significantly boost your speed during development phase as well as provide the capability to rapidly test on several edge-cased without explicitly updating the data in your server.

Breakpoint Tool

Edit the content of requests/responses on-the-fly

Breakpoint Tool can stop a request before it goes to your server or stop a response before it goes to your app.

Thus, you can modify such requests/ responses to test UI errors or certain back end functionalities (including security vulnerabilities).

Proxyman debugging tool built-in
Proxyman debugging tool built-in

Scripting Tool

Manipulate requests/responses with Javascript code

Scripting Tool is an advanced debugging tool that enables developers to monitor requests/responses in a more flexible way with Javascript code.

We provide a handful of Snippet Code along with Add-ons and Libraries to facilitate your debugging procedure and make it 100x faster.

Atlantis Framework for iOS

Inspect Network Traffic without messing around with Proxy, Certifiacte Configs,...

Atlantis - A little and powerful iOS framework for inspecting HTTP/HTTPS Traffic from your iOS app without messing around with HTTP Proxy Config, Install or Trust any Certificate.

Inspect Traffic Network from your iOS Device/Simulator with ease from Proxyman app.

Proxyman debugging tool built-in

Highlight with Color & Add Comment

Keep track your incoming traffic with color highlighting and comments

Proxyman Highlight feature allows you to mark/highlight selected requests for better tracking during development.

You can also use Comments to take notes on the flows before exporting and sharing with others to increase legibility. Better still, all requests with color or comments are able to be filtered and we supports many shortcuts to help you highlight and add comments quickly.

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Requires macOS 10.12+. Github, Changelog