Capture HTTP(s) from your iPhone

Native iOS/iPadOS app to help you directly capture & decrypt HTTP(s) from your Phone, no Mac required.

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iOS 16+. Support iOS, iPadOS and VisionOS.

Inspect HTTP/HTTPS traffic in plain text

Proxyman can act as a Man-in-the-Middle, which is capable of decrypting all HTTP/HTTPS traffic and see it in plain text.

Monitor all traffic from your iOS devices

Proxyman uses a local dummy VPN to enforce all traffic to go through Proxyman app, so you can monitor all network activity with ease.

Share & Review traffic log on macOS

You can seamlessly share your log via Airdrop, then inspecting it with Proxyman for macOS.

Protect sensitive data with FaceID/Passcode

Your sensitive data is protected and no one can access it except you.

Multiple Column Layout on iPad

Proxyman leverages the big screen of your iPad and displays all data by using Side Bar Layout for a better experience.

Secure and reliable

There are no remote servers are involved and your data always remains private to end-users. What's your iOS devices, it's in your iOS devices.

Proxyman for iOS - Capture HTTP/HTTPS Traffic from iPhone/iPad
Proxyman for iOS - Inspect the HTTP/HTTPS Request
Proxyman for iOS - Inspect the HTTP/HTTPS Response
Proxyman for iOS - JSON Body Preview with syntax highlighting
Proxyman for iOS - Share and Preview on macOS
Proxyman for iOS - Share and Preview on macOS

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