All release version of Proxyman for Windows

Proxyman Windows: 0.3.0 (BETA): Support iOS & Android Guideline 📱

  • Release date: 20 Sep 2022
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: ab57d63b2c62a2d492a411b8510ce23d0f0ac443736c07eb4e6af344cdaa27da
✨ Features
  • Add "Install Certificate for iOS Physical Device Guideline"
  • Add "Install Certificate for Android Physical Device Guideline"
  • Able to install the Proxyman Certificate via
  • Copy Header menu context
⚡️ Improve
  • Revamp with Better color UI
  • Better Window Title for Windows 11
  • Clear request/response during the filter only affects on the current filters.
  • Support MenuContext from BlueprintJS with DataGrid
  • Add Date to Proxyman CA Certificate
  • Limit Premium Feature
ğŸž Bugs
  • Fixed: Shortcuts from Right Menu Context do not work anymore
📸 Screenshots
Proxyman for Windows

Proxyman Windows: 0.2.0 (BETA): Introduce Content Type Filter Bar and JSON Tree View ğŸŽ„

  • Release date: 06 Sep 2022
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 11784f8c454923e72551f10ce2a810600ea7877e0ea10162dafe37ceaa66b85b
✨ Features
  • Introduce Content Type Filter on the navigation bar to quickly filter, including HTTP, HTTPS, Status Code, JSON, XML, Document, etc.
  • Proxyman would detect the listening port at launch time. Find the available port if it's occupied.
  • Add JSON TreeView to better JSON Visualization.
  • Override System Proxy via the menu.
⚡️ Improve
  • Support Content-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br
  • Add About Us Windows
  • Support Markdown on the changelog
  • Better color for the Split View
ğŸž Bugs
  • Fixed: Content-Encoding: gzip/deflate/br does not show properly
  • Fixed: Crash on Event Emitter on ON_OPEN_DIALOG_SSL_PROXYING_LIST
  • Fixed: The body Tab displays an empty body from GET Requests.
  • Fixed: Auto-select next flows do not work properly when deleting flow from the filtered table.
  • Fixed: The request panel is unexpectedly resized.
  • Fixed: Crash app due to Memory Leak
📸 Screenshots

Proxyman for Windows 11 With Content Type Filter

Proxyman Windows: 0.1.1 (BETA): Hotfix for Windows 10 users 🔥

  • Release date: 24 Aug 2022
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 8fc5fe541808d7918922cf697d631c135b0bebf97a6df61b73801d1db7e15360
ğŸž Bugs
  • Fixed: Could not install the certificate on Windows 10
  • Fixed: Windows 11: The body & Raw Font is too thin
  • Fixed: Unhandled Exception on the Production build
📸 Screenshots

Proxyman for Windows

Proxyman Windows: 0.1.0 (BETA): Introduce Proxyman for Windows 🚢

  • Release date: 22 Aug 2022
  • SHA-256: 8c4d8bb6d8ad4c632178584f11ed41e1549888cb5044cd83ea730c6a32ac7111
✨ Features
  • Introduce the very first Beta of Proxyman for Windows
  • Support Windows 11
  • Install & Trust the certificate on Window Machine
  • Introduce SSL Proxying List that you can define which domains should be decrypted.
  • Automatically Override the HTTP Proxy at launch time. Listen at port 9090
  • Inspect Header, Query, Body and Raw of the request/response.
  • License System. You can activate with the current macOS Key.
  • Filter Bar: Able to quickly filter the request with particular URL, Query, Header
  • Clear Session
  • Auto Update