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Install Certificate for iOS Simulators on Xcode 12.5

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This mini-blog would demonstrate how to install the Proxyman/Charles Proxy certificate to iOS Simulators from Xcode 12.5.

1. Problem

From Xcode 12.5, Proxyman (prior 2.20.0 version), Charles Proxy, and Fiddler could not install the certificate to iOS Simulators. It worked fine before Xcode 12.5

The reason behind the scene is that Proxyman, Charles Proxy, and Fiddler used to use a custom script to directly install the certificate to iOS Simulator's TrustStore, and it is not allowed in Xcode 12.5 for security reasons.

2. How to fix it

2.1 Manual

Charles Proxy

  1. Export Charles Proxy's certificate by Help Menu -> SSL Proxying -> Save Charles Proxy Root Certificate Install Certificate for iOS Simulators
  2. Save it to your Desktop Folder
  3. Drag it to your iOS Simulator
  4. Go to Settings app -> General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings
  5. Turn on the certificate
  6. Enjoy!


Same with Charles Proxy guideline.

Use simtcl

It is easier if we use the simtcl, which is a helper command line that allows the developer to interact with iOS Simulators.

  1. Export the certificate to Desktop
  2. Open the iOS Simulator
  3. Open Terminal and execute the code xcrun simctl keychain booted add-root-cert <your_certificate_path>
  4. Enjoy!

Install Certificate for iOS Simulators

2.2 Automation

From Proxyman 2.20.0, you can automatically install and trust the certificate to iOS Simulator seamlessly. It works fine Xcode 12.5

Here is the guideline:

  1. Open Proxyman app
  2. Open your iOS Simulators
  3. Certificate Menu -> Install Certificate to iOS -> Simulator
  4. Follow the guideline
  5. Enjoy!

Install Certificate for iOS Simulators

3. What's next

If you are a new user, please check out the iOS Simulator Tutorial at

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Noah Tran
Noah Tran