This mini-blog would demonstrate how to use the Multiple Filters to quickly filter out your requests/responses.

1. Problem

In certain circumstances, we need to combine multiple criteria to filter exact the request/response.

For instance:

  • Filter all Requests that have “country=us” in the Query, AND contains “id-123” in Request’s Header
  • Filter all Response that has 404 Status code and from the domain “”
  • Filter all Response that the Response’s Headers contains two keys: “X-Proxyman-ID” and “X-Proxyman-Data”

Even with complex criteria, such as:

  • List all Request/Response that the Status code is 400 OR Status code 500

From Proxyman 2.22.0, you can do it with the Multiple Filters feature.

Multiple Filters

Multiple Filters

You can create multiple filters:


  • URL
  • Query String
  • Request Header
  • Response Header
  • Request Body
  • Response Body
  • Method
  • Status Code
  • Comment
  • Color
  • All: Includes URL, Query, Status, Method, Headers, and Body

Matching Rule:

  • Contains
  • Not Contains
  • Start With
  • End With
  • Equal
  • Not Equal
  • Regex

Combination Rule:

  • AND
  • OR


Proxyman also provides multiple shortcuts to make your life easier.

  • ⌘F: Display the filter and focus on the last one
  • ⌘N: Clone new filter
  • ⇧⌘N: Remove current Filter
  • ⌘↑: Focus on the previous filter
  • ⌘↓: Focus on the next filter
  • ESC: Dismiss the filter

Proxyman is a high-performance Web Debugging Proxy app, which enables developers to view HTTP/HTTPS requests from apps and domains on macOS, iOS device, iOS Simulator, and Android devices and emulators.

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